Valuing Financial Performance of an Organization

Valuing Financial Performance of an Organization
The resulting financial performance of an organization is presented in crude form by the financial statements of the establishment. Valuing the financial performance of an organization by interpreting the figures stated in financial statements provides the opportunity to investigate the weaknesses and the strengths of the financial performance of the organization.
The methodology adopted by Techchi analysts in order to value financial performance of an organization takes advantage of a comparative method in which the financial statements are scrutinized by meticulous analysis and interpretation; hence, leading to drawing conclusion regarding the financial performance and the status of the organization at the time.
This paradigm enables all the stakeholders such as the managers, stockholders and creditors draw a vivid picture regarding the financial status of the organization; thus positioning the organization in the proper course of action or apply the adequate improvising to adjust the course. Valuing financial performance of an organization enables the mangers to evaluate the past-performances and if needed devise new strategies. Moreover, mangers could make accurate decisions in relation to the ownership of the stocks by taking into account the stockholders commercial risks. On the other side of spectrum, are the creditors whose knowledge of the potential credit of the organization is derived from the statements’ analysis and interpretation.
The valuing financial performance of an organization primarily engulfs analyzing and interpretation of proportion of overall financial activity in relation to activity, liquidity, financial potentialities and profitability of an organization. However, one should bear in mind that the organizations status are not reflected by the information extracted from the proportions alone and the fact that such proportions are not to serve as a criteria to show the strengths or the needed adjustments. Nonetheless, by highlighting certain activities, the extracted proportions could serve as instrumental guidelines in identifying the needed improvisations.
In order to obtain a comprehensive analysis of the financial status of an organization in addition to the interpretation of the financial proportions, Tecchi conducts an all-out analysis of the organization’s field of activity, strategic targets, status of the industry and the economic situation to present a vivid and realistic view of the organization’s financial status.

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