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Tachchi is a knowledge-based company providing services in the domain of valuing, assessment and ranking. In its endeavor, Techchi utilizes various means of assessment to draw valid and dependable conclusions. To hit the nail on the head, various indices covering a broad range of local and international standards, organizations’ financial potentialities, organizations’ capabilities and value of the intangible assets of the so called company or organization are utilized.
Techchi’s team, alumni of prestigious higher education establishments, is comprised of seasoned managers and experts in the fields of constitution and management of tech-companies. Moreover, each and every member of them has obtained the required certificates and is backed by at least 100 hands-on assessment projects engulfing a broad range of organizations because it is only then that they be granted the privilege of becoming a team member.
In order to facilitate the assessments and prevent human and practical errors, the entire assessment processes are computerized and automated- taking full advantage of IT. Furthermore, the research findings are continually revised and reevaluated.
Techchi has always taken pride in maintaining privacy and secrecy. Thus, only the so called client and the assessment team are aware and liable to possess collective assessment check lists, data banks, quantifying and evaluating software and the corresponding graphics, say, diagrams, charts and tables.

About Us

The significant attention paid to the knowledge-based economy and the increasing demand of the Iranian companies regarding management tools are the motivational factors that led Techchi take the initiative to recruit a group of professional staff including graduates from Sanati Sharief and Tehran Universities, experienced managers and seasoned lawyers, in order to tackle the task assisting companies for a robust presence in the globe- meanwhile, having in sight the development of innovative management technology as well as creating new tools to modernize and ease the decision making processes for the managers.
The aforementioned synergy led to development of assessment technology ant its corresponding services and products which are the foundation for 30 current assessment services offered by Techchi. Furthermore, the majority of services are exclusive to Techchi.
At present, the assessment services offered by Techchi are capable of attending all the needs of mangers regarding assessment of their organizational processes and productivity. By taking advantage of measuring 900 parameters, the stage is set for producing accurate reports regarding the status of the organizations.
Each and every one of Techchi’s services are based on developed local models. Moreover, the services utilize the most recent findings in management. The reports are provided in graphical format via the internet which enables the managers to view the reports in command void of any hardware or software on their proprietary secure web pages. Moreover, considering that Techchi has developed and adopted its own absolutely Iranian data base, the managers are readily able to gain a thorough knowledge of their rival’s status regarding the so called process.
Techchi’s professional assessment team members are nominated from amongst the honor roll graduates of the mostly renowned universities in Iran. Moreover a potential candidate is required to go through the proper specialized trainings and gain the experience regarding assessment of at least 100 cases so that they can conduct top-notch assessments in accordance of high prevalent standards of Techchi.
Techchi has had the honor of providing 900 assessment services to about 300 organizations during the last 3 years. Furthermore, Techchi is currently the trusted agent for well-repudiated organizations such The Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology, Pardis Tec-Park, Niroo Research Institute, Tec-Export Services Corridor, New-Technology-Development-Fund and a few hundred other repudiated Iranian companies.

Our Road Map

Techchi intends to provide the most practical tools for organizational assessments and decisional support.
The tools created by Techchi enables the organizations to view their strengths and week points- taking advantage of an appealing eye-catching format.
By applying decision support tools provided by Techchi, the company mangers could notice the impact of their current and future decisions on the status of their favorite organization; hence gaining more awareness enables them to make the optimum choice amongst the available options.
Managing experience a drastic change from being a stressful, tiresome, vague and boring process to a motivating exciting trend in which the managers sense of innovation, creativity and risk taking will be considered as a competitive plus. Techchi will present the gift of transparency to the organizations and will bring into light the obscured corners that are the fountain heads of corruptions and inefficiencies in the organizations.
By the means of Techchi’s services abled managers will be provided with the chance to exhibit their potentialities. In contrast, the fake and unable mangers will be deprived of the opportunities to hide themselves under various disguises.
Bringing it together, Techchi will promote a business and prevent the young mangers feeling insecure from their lack of knowledge. Hence, by implementing our tools the so called managers would be able to walk with sturdy steps in the path of innovation and discovery of new horizons for, say, the intended startups.



Assessment Services

  • All Services
  • Process Capability Assessment
  • National Ranking
  • Financial Performance Assessment
  • Asset Assessment
  • Proprietary Assessment
  • Business Assessment
ارزیابی پیمانکاران

Contractors Assessment

Business Assessment

ارزیابی بلوغ سازمان

Process Capability Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی عملکرد مالی سازمان

Assessment of Organizational financial situation

Financial Performance Assessment

ارزیابی محصولات سازمان

Assessment of Products

Proprietary Assessment

ارزیابی رتبه اعتباری سازمان

Organizational Credit Rating

Financial Performance Assessment

ارزیابی خدمات شهری

Assessment of Urban Services

Business Assessment

عارضه یابی سازمان

Organizational Process Diagnosis

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی توسعه راهبرد

Strategic Development Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی توسعه محصول

Product Development Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی تولید محصولات

Product Manufacturing Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی تولید خدمات

Services Delivery Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی بازاریابی و فروش

Marketing and Sales Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی خدمات مشتری

Customers Services Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی منابع مالی

Financial Management Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی سرمایه انسانی

Human Capital management Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی فناوری اطلاعات

Information Technology Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی مدیریت ریسک

Risk Management Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی مدیریت دارایی

Asset Management Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment

ارزیابی کسب و کار

Business Capability Process Assessment

Process Capability Assessment


Export Readiness Assessment

Proprietary Assessment

Self Assessment

  • All Services
  • Process Capability Self Assessment
خودارزیابی توسعه محصول

Product Development Self Assess

Process Capability Self Assessment


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