Export Readiness Assessment (ERA)

Export Readiness Assessment (ERA)
ERA assess your company’s readiness for entering foreign markets, expanding into additional markets, or taking on more challenging, high-growth export markets. The indices that are investigated in order to assess a company’s readiness for entering foreign markets include managerial commitment, financial assets, technical knowledge, capacity for procurement and manufacturing products and services, skill in world trade and the level of knowledge in global marketing.
Furthermore, in order to assess preparedness of the product additional indices are utilized. The set of indices to assess preparedness of the product include market potentiality, the adaptability of the product or service, cost structure, rivals’ products or services, complexity of the products or services and the copyright laws in the target-market.
Techchi, inspired by international models and taking advantage of precious experiences in assessment of more than 300 Iranian companies has managed to develop, even further, a local model, which is the cornerstone of assessing and providing services regarding the Iranian exports’ preparedness for entering global markets.
The end-game of such assessment would be providing the proper insight into the required improving measures in order to pave the way for entering global export markets.

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