Assessment of Marketing and Sales Management Processes

Assessment of Marketing and Sales Management Processes
In the category of assessing marketing processes initially the coherency of the market research is meticulously studied. The paradigm engulfs a thorough research into customers and their classifications, companies and the rival products, various industries and the market trend. The aforementioned will lead to identification of various market-opportunities. The latter processes will be directed at assessment and selection of the customers which are the target of the companies’ developed-product. The next step is to define the recommended packaging fit for the target market which will be followed by processes involved in attending the main demand, pricing, managing brand and managing the customer and sales-communication channels. Additionally, the long term plans for market-communication and promotional plans are assessed.
The tasks to be tackled in the category of sales-management processes are deriving at a systematic long term paradigm for forecasting sales, strategies for interaction with the partners and sales collaborators. Included in sales-management process is determining practical gauging of the sales management.
The field processes of sales ensures a systematic management of market-tips, potential customers, response to requested quotations regarding proposals, sales, delivery and management of sales representatives.
All things considered, The Assessment of Marketing and Sales Management Processes empowers the companies offering their products to the most relevant customers and the maximum number of accessories and services at the highest price via the most cost-effective channels. Meanwhile, attaining the highest customer satisfaction which will boil down to a win-win situation ensuring a long lasting success for the company.

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